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Licking mat for dogs & cats - YoomY Plate - Pink

Licking mat for dogs & cats - YoomY Plate - Pink

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The activity mat for dogs and cats stimulates your companion to combat boredom. It will enrich your companion's daily life thanks to its textured relief surface which stimulates the mental and physical activity of your dog or cat. Therapeutic, the mat has an anti-stress and calming effect for dogs or cats who secrete endorphin (happiness hormone) when using it.

Using advice :
Simply spread wet food over the entire surface and off you go for several minutes of intense activity. Your dog/cat will lick their mat to retrieve food with their tongue.
To extend the licking time, you can put the mat in the freezer, this is ideal during the summer to refresh them.
Ideal as a supplement for gluttonous dogs and cats.

Size: 21cm x 21cm

Warning: Never leave your dog/cat unsupervised with the mat. Once the activity is completed, remove the mat immediately.
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