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Ear cleaner for dogs & cats, “Whisper”

Ear cleaner for dogs & cats, “Whisper”

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French made.

Ear cleaning treatment 96% of natural origin based on plant ingredients, notably sage and lavender.

Duration: approximately 70 uses.


– Gently cleans dog or cat ears, even sensitive ones

– Dissolves earwax and removes impurities

– Purifies and sanitizes your dog or cat’s ear canal – Fights against bad odors

– Soothes irritations and relieves itching When to use Murmure?

– To clean impurities and dirt that lodge in the ears of your dog or cat gently and without risk

– To purify and sanitize the ear canal, and limit bad odors

– To prevent inflammation of the ear canal (otitis) Does not contain CBD or THC.

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