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Dried Treats Pack - Easy Chewing

Dried Treats Pack - Easy Chewing

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Give your faithful companion an effortless and tasty chewing experience with our Easy Chew Pack.

Carefully designed, this pack is packed with 100% natural and healthy rewards that provide your dog with the perfect balance of delicious treats and chews.

Each package contains 14 carefully selected individual items, guaranteeing two full weeks of chewing pleasure:

Strip of meat (Chicken/turkey/duck) x 1 at random
Beef lung x 1
Spaghetti (Pork/beef/lamb) x 50g
Lamb meat x 100g
Beef Jerky x 2
Chicken neck x 2
Rabbit ear with hair x 1
Hairless rabbit ear x 1
Beef belly x 2
Fish sticks x 2

Let your dog savor every chewing moment by offering treats that are free of chemicals and artificial additives.

Our commitment to quality means you can have peace of mind knowing your dog is enjoying a safe and healthy chewing experience.

Give your companion the love they deserve with our effortless chew pack, a true blessing for little jaws, sensitive teeth and gentle chew lovers.

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