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Vegetable Oil for Seniors, “Harmony Âge d’Or”

Vegetable Oil for Seniors, “Harmony Âge d’Or”

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French made.

About this product

100% natural food supplement for senior dogs & cats. Blend of 5 vegetable oils, including Flax, Hemp Seed, Sesame, Olive and Wheat Germ. It is given in a few drops above the bowl.

Harmony :
– Provides an ideal balance of omega 3 and 6
– Takes care of the skin and coat
– Protects the body with its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties
– Helps fight against the effects of stress

When to give Harmony?

Daily :
– To balance the bowl with omega 3 & 6
– For vitality & energy
– For healthier skin
– To help fight stress
– To boost immunity

It is a good complement or alternative to fish oils such as salmon, kril, sardine oils, etc.

Duration: 27 days for a cat and up to 80 days for a dog.

Does not contain CBD or THC.

Product materials : Organic, Non-toxic, Plastic-free and Vegan
Packaging : Plastic-free and zero waste
Production : Sustainable sourcing and fair trade
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