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Puffed pig snout

Puffed pig snout

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WITHOUT PRESERVATIVES 100% natural treat.

Our protein-rich white pork noses are the ideal chewy snack for sensitive stomachs and overweight dogs because they are specially defatted after drying.

Like all our products, they do not contain any chemical additives and, thanks to their low odor, can also be fed at home.

White pork snout is ideal for overweight dogs as its fat content has been significantly reduced during the cleaning process.

To know. Your companion must be able to have access to a water point in order to hydrate.

It is advisable to supervise your pet during its chewing sessions.

Odor: little.

Fat content: low.

Texture: soft.

Chewing package: short snack.

Dried and degreased.

Composition: 100% pig

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