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Mint Yak Cheese

Mint Yak Cheese

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🐾🌿 Product Sheet: Yak Cheese with Mint for Dogs 🌿🐾

✨ Product Description: Treat your dog to a refreshing experience with our minty yak cheese treats. A unique combination of delicious flavors to stimulate your companion's senses.

🏞️ Origin and Quality: Our treats are made from real, top quality yak cheese, enhanced with a subtle touch of mint. Each bite offers a harmonious fusion of flavors.

Size guide :

the S: 31 to 37 gr

M: 75 to 85 gr

L: 96 to 105 gr

the XL: 130 to 150 gr

🌿 Rich Flavor: Yak cheese and mint combine to create a pleasant and soothing flavor. Perfect for dogs who enjoy a touch of fresh grass in their treats.

🦷 Dental Benefits: Chewing these treats promotes dental health by helping to reduce plaque and tartar. Mint adds an extra dimension of refreshment for pleasant breath.

👅 Durable Texture: Mint Yak Cheese Treats

👌 Without Artificial Additives: Our treats are prepared without the addition of harmful additives, ensuring a pure and natural snack for your dog. A healthy option for quality-conscious homeowners.

📏 Various Sizes: Available in different sizes to fit all breeds and ages. Choose the right size for your four-legged friend.

🎉 Treat your dog to a refreshing taste experience with our Mint Yak Cheese Treats – a delicious reward that combines pleasure and well-being! 🐕🌿

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