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Yak coconut cheese

Yak coconut cheese

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Treat your dog to a delicious chewing experience with our yak cheese treats.

A combination of irresistible flavors and healthy chewing to satisfy his natural instinct.

Size guide :

the S: 31 to 37 gr

M: 75 to 85 gr

L: 96 to 105 gr

the XL: 130 to 150 gr

🧀 Rich in Flavor: Yak cheese is naturally rich in flavor, adding an appetizing dimension to chewing. A gourmet treat that will awaken your dog's taste buds.

🦷 Dental Benefits: Chewing these treats promotes dental health by helping to reduce plaque and tartar. A delicious solution for cleaner teeth and fresh breath.

👅 Durable Texture: Yak cheese chew treats offer a strong, durable texture, perfect for heavy chewers.

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