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Split natural deer antler

Split natural deer antler

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Deer antlers are well known and highly valued for their unique qualities and composition.

They start to grow every spring, their growth rate reaches 2 cm/0.78 inch per day.

In the fall, deer horns fall off and then the growth cycle of young horns begins.

Horns are healthy for dogs, full of minerals such as calcium, zinc, magnesium and phosphorus.

The main benefits of deer antlers are:
- No unpleasant odor
- Long-term use (up to 2 weeks)
- Natural product containing minerals
- Organic product - does not contain preservatives or antibiotics
- Chewing does not form splinters, does not stick to the teeth
- Dietetic (fat content 0.2%)
- Suitable for dogs with a special diet (gluten, sugar, cereal free)
- Cleans teeth by removing tartar.

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