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Healing Care Balm for dogs, “Rescousse”

Healing Care Balm for dogs, “Rescousse”

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French made.
100% natural healing balm based on plant ingredients, including essential oils of Immortelle, Sage and Calophyll vegetable oil.

Duration: Apply 1 to 3 times a day until the affected area improves.

Rescue balm:
- Cares for the skin in depth
- Helps accelerate the healing of all types of skin lesions
- Forms a protective barrier to prevent skin irritation and injury

When to use Rescousse?
- To optimize the healing of a superficial or post-operative wound
- To soothe and nourish the area to be treated
- To relieve itching
- To help treat all types of skin injuries: irritations, chapped skin, cuts, burns, stings, etc.
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